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Will Schuck Songwriter

Nashville, Tenn. • BMI and NSAI


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Will Schuck with Ricky Skaggs in Chillcothe, Ohio, 2017

Even though I graduated from a college that specializes in music, my major was English. I did, however, hang out in the conservatory at Baldwin-Wallace College (now Baldwin Wallace University), in the late '80s and early '90s. It was a great place to write poetry and visit with my musical friends. It was there at Baldwin Wallace that I learned the most I ever learned about music from both a student-teacher who taught me to play saxophone and from a musician-friend who dated the saxophonist for Wynton Marsalis. This was after a year of guitar lessons, eight years on the clarinet, and a year on the violin. Having grown up with a Gulbransen player piano in our family home, I never learned to play until I began taking lessons in 2017! Over the years I sang in the choruses of local stage musicals and in church choirs and even took voice lessons.

Beginning way back in high school, right up until the present, I've written a catalog of poems that I intended as song lyrics. I majored in English, had a career as an editor for a business-to-business publishing company, landed a PR job with a Fortune 250 bank, and then got laid off... but all the while, in the background, I wrote creatively. In the words of Billy Joel, "There would still be music left to write," and there is!

Besides lyric writing and poetry, my interest in creative writing and literature has taken me into a deep study of the life and works of Ohio author Sherwood Anderson - and ultimately into forming the Sherwood Anderson Literary Center. Through this organization for writers, I have met and forged friendships with authors from Ohio and around the country including the mother of a well-known Grammy Award-winning recording artist, and the late Earl Hamner, creator of TV's "The Waltons." From this example, you see that my love for -- and commitment to -- writing extends well beyond the pen and the keyboard.

As an aside, these are my connections to the recording industry:  One of my dad's cousins was Country Music Hall-of-Famer Ray Price (on my dad's mother's side), I have met and received songwriting advice from country and bluegrass superstar Ricky Skaggs, I booked (and was the handler for) Barbra Streisand's sister Roslyn Kind for a local performance, and some tell me I resemble country artist Clint Black or country boy John Denver (but they don't look alike).

What's next? For now, I'll keep writing, keep it simple, and keep leaning on Lady Luck!


songwriter in Nashville Tennessee

Will Schuck, Songwriter

Blending the heart and mind

Nashville, TN


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