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Schuckspeare Publishing:  Your Partner for the Best in Communications, PR, Media Relations and Graphic Design

This is what we’re known for and what we do best. Achieving success takes into consideration many different communication disciplines. Focusing on our five core areas of expertise ensures you receive value for your communication counsel dollars.

strategic planning, marketing, communications, media relations, copywriting, graphic design
strategic planning, marketing, communications, media relations, copywriting, graphic design

WILL SCHUCK is the force behind Schuckspeare. He is a freelance writer and designer who develops high-quality content for businesses and organizations. He has worked with many well-known brands and publications including A&E Television/The History Channel, KeyBank, and Penton Media, as well as with mid-sized and small businesses and organizations such as Web Strategies Plus,  Lutheran Social Services of Central Ohio, Bricker & Eckler, Wexner Heritage Village, NavCour, Wakan Films, and Reynoldsburg Festivals Inc.


Will is a seasoned journalist and communications professional who writes compelling and enterprising material for print, web, and broadcast, with extensive experience in public speaking for corporate and public audiences.


In 1999, Will founded the Sherwood Anderson Literary Center, an organization dedicated to helping aspiring adult writers improve their writing and find outlets for publishing their work. Will has also written lyrics for more than two dozen songs.


Will has a Bachelor’s in English from Baldwin-Wallace College. He has also worked in the real world as a special education teacher, public relations manager, magazine editor, composition tutor, proofreader, and printing press bindery-man. Will lives in Nashville, Tenn.

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